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3/2016 #jäsentiedote

Centrallia in Canada 25-27.5.2016

Are you looking to grow your business, form new partnerships or explore new global markets? Then you won´t want to miss Centrallia! A global business to business forum, Centrallia has been designed specifically for businesses seeking new opportunities.

The 4th edition of Centrallia will be held May 25–27, 2016 and will welcome more than 700 businesses from all over Canada and from more than 30 countries, World Trade Centres as well as chambers of commerce, and trade and investment agencies, making this an excellent opportunity to do business and learn about many aspects of trade.

Centrallia is ideal for businesses looking for opportunities in the following industries:
Transportation and Logistics
Information and Communications Technologies
Environmental Industries
Energy, Resources, and Mining
Innovation and R&D

For more information please visit

Contact in Finland: Taija Jurmu, Lapland Chamber of Commerce, tel. +358 40 510 8889