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2/2016 #jäsentiedote

Arctic Business Forum

Rovaniemi, April 6.-7.2016

The 7th Arctic Business Forum on April 6-7 in Finland introduces the latest global and local developments affecting the business possibilities in the Arctic. Arctic Business Forum is a discussion arena and a b-to-b meeting point.

Renewed visions of Arctic development and investment potential, time frame estimation included, are dealt in the conference. Specific attention is paid to European High North regions. Sustainable growth and responsible business remain as high priority values of the conference. New technologies and new solutions are sought for the region´s prosperity.

Arctic Business Forum is an international event attracting companies and business related stakeholders from Finland and abroad. Special attention is paid to strengthen business to business cooperation by organizing b-to-b meeting points and business pitch sessions.

Welcome to get insight, discuss and do business towards resilient business, for Arctic prosperity.

Welcome to Arctic Business Forum

Program and sessions